I’m a hungarian artist, who was born in Transylvania. I have been living in Denmark and Malta for 14 years. Since 2002 I live and work in Budapest. I have exhibitions since 1980.


I confess that „Natura artis magistra”. I have my inspirations from nature. My sculptures are related with the living nature while they are emphasizing the metal materiality.

Each work is unique in it’s detailed interlocking of form creating an expressionists symbol of real concept. I often use the technics of „lost-wax” (cire perdu) for my sculptures and jewelry. My jewelry are sometimes part of sculpures. Wearable and functionality is important for me.

I’m working with stainless steel, silver, bronze, stone, semi-precious stones and tropical woods.

I like to experiment with surfaces and materials. Motion, dynamic is also recurring element in my art. I never join any trends or groups in my life.

My motto is that sculpures and jewelry are the meeting of microcosm and macrocosm in organic forms. They are timeless in harmony with nature.



2017    Magyar Művészeti Akadémia szakmai díj – Hungarian Academy of Art professional award

2016     Silver Javelin Prize 2016 – Fine Art category 2. Prize

2015     Berki Viola Fellowship

2008     Biennale Internationale D’Art Miniature, Canada– 1. prize

2000      ArtCrowd Magazine – Jewelry Design 1. prize, New York

1999      International Art Biennale, Málta – Design 1. Prize

1999     Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale, Japan –

Visitor’s    prize

1980      National Exhibition, Bukarest, Romania – 2. Prize


from 2001    „Award in Transgene Technologies” – designed and made every second year for the International Society for Transgene Technologies (ISTT)

2006            „Herpes Simplex Encephalitis”- designed and made for the International Society for Transgene Technologies (ISTT)


Denmark – Sculptures in Art Foundations

Modern Museum of Malta




     2017    XI. Goldsmith’s art Biennale, Budapest, Hungary

     2017    Metamorphose of Jewelry. Exhibition of Contemporary Hugarian Jewelry, Balassi Institut, Brussels

     2017    All around us. National Salon 2017. Applied Arts and Design, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary 

     2016     Dall’Argento al Ferro, Hungarian Academy of Arts, Rome, Italy

     2016    Silver Javelin Prize 2016., Budapest, Hungary

     2015     X. Goldsmith Biennale, Budapest, Hungary

     2015     Harmony, ArtMill Gallery Szentendre, Hungary

    2014     „ArtMill” Gallery, Evidence, Sculpure Biennale, Szentendre, Hungary

     2013     Ip. Forum, Wienna, Austria

     2012     Museum of Tirgu County, Castle Museum, Targu Mures, Romania

     2012     Gallery „Silverfever”, Pécs, Hungary

     2011     Goldsmith Biennale, Culture Mansion of Klebelsberg, Budapest, Hungary

     2008     Biennale Internationale D’Art Miniature, Canada

     2006     III. Contemporary Christian Iconography Biennale, Kecskemét, Hungary

     2005     Silver, bronze, iron – Silversmiths 2005, Budapest, Hungary

     2003     Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary

     2003     Gallery „Fióka”, Budapest, Hungary

     2001     Centre Culture d’Egypt, Paris, France

     1999     International Art Biennale, Malta

     1999     Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale, Toyamura, Japan

     1999     Agora Gallery, New York, SOHO, U.S.A.

     1998     Gallery Upstairs, London, U.K.

     1995     Galleri Gamla Stan, Helsingborg, Sweden

     1993     Gallery Active Art, Szentendre, Hungary

     1993     II. Budapest International Contemporary Prize of Fine Arts, Museum of   Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

     1986     New Life Gallery, Targu Mures, Romania

     1984     City Museum, Székelyudvarhely, Romania

     1983     Gallery Apollo, Targu Mures, Romania



Association of Hungarian Artists

Alliance of Hungarian Artists and Applied Artists

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